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            Our Services

            Miss your parcels often?

            Collect your online shopping from any of our 3000 retail outlets by Booking a Slot at a Pgeon Point.

            Long Opening Hour

            Drop off and pick up your parcels at your leisure


            Over 3000 retail outlets to pick up and drop off from

            Safe and Secure

            Retail outlets have personnel trained to keep you parcels safe

            Need an affordable courier?

            Send small parcels for as low as RM5.90 for parcels up to 5kg (Doorstep pick-ups available!)

            As Low as RM5.90

            Lowest delivery rate in Malaysia for parcels up to 5kg*

            Free SMS Service

            You will be notified once your parcel arrives

            Easy Online Tracking

            Track it right here and never lose sight of your parcel

            Pick Up Your Parcels From Any Of Our 3000+ Retail Partners!

            What are you waiting for?

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